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K. Russell Walker

As a motoring artist and illustrator Russell Walker enjoys the challenge of working in black ink. “It’s the most unforgiving medium in the world as anyone who has dipped a pen in Indian ink quickly finds out.”

He finds it the ideal medium to introduce movement and speed while still keeping the illustration “arty”.

Art and cars have been a life long passion for Russell and in the 45 years since graduating from Art College he has owned many classic sports cars and drawn many thousands of illustrations. He has worked for dozens of magazines sold in Britain and Europe and his drawings are owned by many enthusiasts around the world.

Although he works at a fairly small size, the drawings can be “blown up” very effectively and used as posters or reduced to make business cards or adverts.

His “golden age” of motoring would be 1910-1960. His list of favourite cars would be so long it wouldn't fit on the page, but it would start with Abarth and go on to Zagato, including Delage Bugatti Bentley Lagonda – Pre-war racing cars early FI cars 1950s sports racers Jags A.C and Morgan's.

His inspirational artists would include Crosby, Cuneo, Turner and Motta.
Russell has owned many sports cars and motorcycles over the last 50 years and has 165 years of no claim bonuses! Since 1960 is a veteran of well over 100 M.O.Ts

He enjoys restoring antiques especially old rocking horses, antique pedal cars and old paintings. If it's got wheels he is interested and that includes bicycles, motor cycles and locomotives. Amongst his many sports cars, he has owned an 3.8 E Type Jaguar F.H.C for 40 years and Lotuses for the past 35 years.

Artwork is for sale in the form of very limited prints and originals. The car drawings can include backgrounds and buildings as requested.

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Alfa Romeo by K. Russell Walker
Alfa Romeo


Delage by K. Russell Walker


B.R.M by K. Russell Walker

Gull Wing Mercedees
Gull Wing Mercedes
GP racing 100 years ago
GP racing 100 years ago
In the Cockpit
In the Cockpit
Driving the Scottish Highlands
Driving the Scottish Highlands
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